Information security

  • Do you have legal obligations and documentation in order?
  • Do you really control the processes or are you just conducting a paper war?
  • Solve your responsibilities and run your business.

Don't stress about checks and sanctions

We will check if you have everything in the company according to the prescribed rules. You will also get a picture of the real state of your IT security level - from the perspective of an independent company.

Do not make mistakes while managing your company

Thanks to the audit, you will get a report that will alert you to what is valuable for your organization. You will also find out if the valuable is protected in proportion to its importance.

Protect the important and manage the essential

Use Pareto's principle to your advantage. Protect what brings you the most results and be effective. Don't waste your energy and resources on unimportant things.

What can we do for you?

Internal audit of cyber security

You will not be surprised by the demands of the state administration. You will be prepared for their visit. (According to Act No. 181/2014 Coll., As amended, or according to ISO 27000.)

Identification of key assets

Discover the most valuable things you have in the company. We will show you what brings the greatest value to your organization. You will find out what to protect and why.

GDPR audit

Not familiar with personal data protection? We'll find out if you're all right. We will guide you through an audit or re-audit. We will be at your disposal for consultations

Business impact analysis

Find out what support your business needs from IT. Find common ground with the IT department. You will find out what is valuable and how to protect it.

Risk analysis

Assess the risks and prepare for them in time. Don't be threatened by an unexpected situation. Find out what you want to protect yourself from and to what level you protect yourself.

Setting guidelines and policies

Direct the efforts of the entire organization to the main goal - to work flawlessly. We will create security guidelines and policies for you to help you achive this.

Do you need help with Information security?


We will prepare a non-binding offer for you and advise you which of the areas is most suitable for you.