We will become your partner in IT security

We have trained ethical hackers to test your networks and systems.

We will find weaknesses that can be exploited and help you fix them. Thanks to cooperation with us, you will be able to prevent attacks.

We believe in the team

When we come together and pursue the same goal, we can do great things.

That's why we want to create one strong team with you and help you become a secure company.

We will cover your back in a cyber environment

We will protect you from hackers, whether you are starting a business or have been in business for a long time.

We will help you protect the risks associated with the growth of the company. Inaction in the future could cost you a lot of money, time or your reputation.

What can we help you with?

We will test your networks and systems

We do hacking in the name of good. We'll find vulnerabilities in your business before a real hacker does. We will tell you which are essential and how to fix them.

We will find out the real state of your security

We will highlight the areas you need to focus on. We will help you meet the legal requirements and create documentation for you.

We will teach your people what we do

We will train your employees so that they are not a threat to the entire company. We train specialists in ethical hacking or organize a training game for them, Capture the flag.

Our story

We started gaining experience more than 10 years ago in corporate companies. Over time, this approach has ceased to suit us. We wanted to do things differently, be more accommodating to clients and react more flexibly.

In 2016, we therefore decided to leave the corporation. We started our own business. Our vision of making IT security different has been going well since then. 🙂

Why did we choose to go our own way?

Because people and relationships matter to us

We want to know what your company deals with and what we should protect it from. We also want you to understand what we do and why we do it.

We want to do what makes sense

We don't just want to install the solution and tick the next box on the list. We want our systems to protect you realistically.

We want to push your security forward

We take measures that make sense, together form a functional whole and take you to a new level of security.

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