Ethical hacking – complete course

Learn to think like a hacker. We will guide you through specific procedures, tactics and tools for ethical hacking.

What will you learn in the course?

Ethical hacking from basics to advanced level.

In the course you will learn in practice:

  • How to get to any system on the network
  • How to hack networks, wireless networks, applications, websites
  • How to work around different security layers
  • How to compromise computers and applications
  • How to steal passwords and crash the system
  • How quickly you evaluate security in any organization
  • You will get acquainted with the tools of social engineering
  • We will show examples from practice, we will use test labs

Advantages of our courses:

The course is led by an experienced penetration tester with years of practice

Small groups with an individual approach

Practical lessons, you will try everything for yourself

Our lecturers participate in regular trainings and competitions

You will learn current procedures and news

There will be plenty of time for your questions

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to learn ethical hacking can come to the course.

The course will use the following to deepen your knowledge or to improve security in the company in practice:

  • Ethical hacker or penetration tester
  • Security manager
  • Network administrator
  • Computer science students

What knowledge is required?

  • Knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Basic orientation in security issues in TCP / IP networks

How much does the course cost?

If you knew what our penetration testers have already hacked, you would have sign up ages ago...
Martin ListopadCEO

What do the participants say about the course?

“I have learned how to scan and attack from the outside, I appreciated the recapitulation of the tools”
"I've been introduced to new vulnerability testing tools."
"I've spread awareness of where and how 'bad guys' may try to attack."
"The course complements my experience and helps me design and implement security solutions for customers."
"I gained basic information, an overview and a basis for practice. The practical exercises were great. "

How does the course work?

The course lasts 3 days, always from 9 am to 4 pm with an hour break for lunch.

You will be provided with:

  • Coffee, water, tea, lunch and snacks,

  • WIFI connection,

  • pad and pen.

At the end of the course, you will receive a graduate certificate and a complete presentation in PDF.

What do you need with you?

Own laptop with charger

The training takes place in our training facilities at the address: Dukelských Hrdinů 564/34, Prague 7, 170 00