Basics of cyber security

Avoid unnecessary mistakes made by your employees.
We will teach them what to look out for.

Do you have such employees too?

  • They download and save everything they like without thinking.

  • They have no idea what can be dangerous and how it can endanger the company.

  • They see security as a necessary evil that they must endure.

Prevent security incidents

Do you know a situation where your IT handles small incidents that were easy to prevent?
Do you have downtime and no time for important things?

We will teach your employees to identify a potential risk before they click. It will save time and space for your IT colleagues.

What will your employees learn?

  • Detect phishing emails

  • How to create and remember a strong password

  • Prevention of identity theft

  • Security on social networks

  • How to protect privacy and smartphones

  • What is social engineering, what techniques does it use and how to defend against it

  • Secure e-mailing

  • Caution on the Internet

  • How to protect data from misuse

Advantages of our courses:

The course is led by an experienced penetration tester with years of practice

Small groups with an individual approach

Practical lessons, you will try everything for yourself

Our lecturers participate in regular trainings and competitions

You will learn current procedures and news

There will be plenty of time for your questions

How does the course work?

  • We combine the theory with practice and real examples, which are easier for participants to remember.

  • We will be happy to adapt the content according to your field.

  • We put everything into the context of everyday life. Participants will get an idea of the impact of cyber risks for themselves and the company.

  • At the end of the course, you will receive a complete presentation in PDF and a safety tips for each participant.

How long does the course last?

  • The course lasts 4 hours, we will adjust the date to your time possibilities.

Where does the course take place?

  • Our lecturer will come to you so that your employees do not have to travel,
  • Alternatively, we will organize training in our training facilities at Dukelských Hrdinů 564/34, Prague 7.

How much does the course cost?

What do the participants say about our course?

The training was very good, suitably structured, interesting and understandable. Personally, I changed my password at home and threw away a piece of paper with passwords written on it - in case of emergency. I put the tried and tested websites into favourites, I presented info within the family. I also handed over a copy of the security tips to the individual departments. I liked the recitation of the lecturer the most and the presentation was adapted to employees who do not work in IT department. I like practical examples. "
course participant
"I see the biggest benefit of the training in helping our employees to build IT security and not to take IT security and Information Security lightly. I enjoyed watching our employees' amazement at what is possible 🙂 Some people have even panicked - what they actually have at home, what they do wrong, etc. "
Luboš PolákIT Manager, Fresenius Kabi Horatev CZ s.r.o.
"The training was interesting and brought (I dare say to almost everyone) some new information. I have received positive feedback from my colleagues and I have not heard a single complaint so far that it was a waste of time (which I hear after some training). I didn't expect much, as anything to do with computers is boring for me. I've heard from colleagues who have participated in the course before me that it's interesting and understandable, so I wondered what it would be like. Mr. Duchan is really a person who can present it in such a way that everyone understands it and he was able to answer any question. You can always tell if someone really knows what they are talking about.”
Julie KlementováOffice assistant, Schenck Process s.r.o.
"The course was great, a lot of interesting information" from day to day life", social networks, etc. It brought me the thought of how to safely use a PC and my phone, how to set a good password, how to treat documents (not leave it on the table), antivirus - pay / do not pay, phishing, spam. What I liked most were the examples from practice, passwords, pin, social networks and haveibeenpwned. "
Laďka Šípkovácourse participant
"The lecturer, in a comprehensible form, using real examples nicely explained all the intrigues of hackers and possible misuse of data, which may be seemingly unimportant. Definitely beneficial training and suitable for repetition, due to technological developments and vulnerabilities of PCs, mobile devices, etc."
course participant
"In fact, I went to this course with a certain amount of immodest pride and a personal question, 'What can I learn, because I actually know everything?'" WRONG. IT-SHOW OFF ", as is the case in most of other participants. Therefore, I appreciate that the lecturer avoided a plethora of English expressions and tried to explain it all in czech. Of course, for companies like ours, language skills and a certain IT-level are assumed. However, the way of his presentation was simply from A to Z absolutely interesting and NOT DULL. I would therefore definitely recommend the course, because such enlightenment of today's "modern" society is completely lacking. "
Ing. Josef VelichSchenck Process s.r.o.

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